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How to upload images and files?

1. Log in to the chat.

Click on the paperclip icon in the message area.

2. Click on the ‘Upload file’ icon.

This will open the browser’s file selection dialogue.

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3. Choose the file to share.

Then click ‘OK’.

4. Your file will appear in the chat.

Images will appear in the chat window, documents will appear with a download link.

Here’s a video showing the different file types that you can attach in the chat.

Copying and pasting images

You can also copy and paste images in the chat room.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can copy and paste images on your group chat.

  1. Find an image that you like.
  2. Hover over the image that you want to copy. Press the right-click on your mouse and choose Copy image.
  3. Go over to the RumbleTalk chat and paste the image on your text box by using the right-click or Ctrl + V.
  4. Send your image to the group chat.
paste images

Pasted images will appear immediately in the chat.

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