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How to format text messages?

You can use text formatting for clarity and highlight a special part of the conversation.

Formatting your messages is a simple way to add detail. You can mark your text in 4 special ways. These are the following: bold, italic, strikethrough, and code.


To make your text bold, simply put an asterisk in between the text you need to highlight (*). Here’s an example.

Here’s how it would look like when you send the message.


To make your text italic, put an underscore before and after the text (_).

Here’s how it would look like when sent.


Strikethrough means that your text will have a line all throughout. You need to put a tilde in between the text (~) to put a strikethrough.

This is what a strikethrough text looks like.

Inline code

To put an inline code, you need to use a grave symbol or a backtick symbol ( ` ) surrounding your text.

Here’s how it would look like when you do that.

Those are the 4 special ways you can do to format your text.

Here’s a short video you can use as a guide.