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How do I choose emojis?

What are emojis?

An emoji, or emoticon, is a small digital image or icon that is used to express an idea or emotion. Since emojis are visual tools, they are considered as a convenient way to help communicate emotion or something that words cannot portray.

RumbleTalk has 8 sets of pre-made emojis you can use to spruce up the conversation.

As an admin, how do I choose my emojis?

  1. On your admin panel, click on Design > Emoticons.
  2. Choose the set of emoticons you want to use and switch on the toggle button. These are the emoticons that will appear on your chat for everyone to use.

As a chat user, how do I send emojis?

  1. On your chat window, click on the smiley button at the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on the emoji that you want to send.
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