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High-Level Security Info

Trust Rumbletalk to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements.

Rumbletalk is a secure chat platform for websites and events with the ability to integrate it with your service, systems, CRM, user base, and WordPress.

The RumbleTalk service has 3 layers of security:

  • Transport – we use SSL transport between different components of the system, like clients and servers.
  • Data – the data is stored in two different places, users’ info in one rational database, while the content of the conversation is in another big data database. A chat owner can delete the entire data whenever he requires it. If the conversation data is not deleted by the customer, the data will be stored in the Rumbletalk databases for 6 months.
  • Customer profile – a customer has control over his data, he can click on the profile option and see what info is saved plus the ability to delete his entire conversation.

Customers often want to use the RumbleTalk SSO option (single sign-on). This will allow users who were already authenticated by the customer to be able to auto-login into the chat.

There are two types of Integrations options:

  • JS SDK – auto-login without storing the user info in Rumbletalk servers. This means that users’ data is saved in the customer servers and only the name+avatar will be sent to the Rumbletalk system. Note, that when using this option the user profile option cannot be used as the data is not stored with Rumbletalk users management systems.
  • REST API – when using this option, all of the customer user bases will be stored in the Rumbletalk system. This means that users’ info will be saved in the RumbleTalk databases as well as in the customer databases (we built react and angular libraries for easy integration).

Data usage and transfer:

Rumbletalk will not transfer any of the customer data with a 3rd party.

** This is a high-level description, please refer to our T&C for complete information.