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3.Embed a chat on any website

Adding a Live Group Chat or a one-on-one Expert chat to your website is easy.
RumbleTalk is a hosted chat service. It means that the chat embed service, offloads resources such as CPU and memory, ensuring that embedding the chat on your website will not impact your website performance.

Note, It takes only two minutes to embed and set it up.

The live chat service can be added to any website, blog, or forum simply by adding one line to your HTML code.

1. Sign up and start chatting

Sign up by clicking here.
Type your email address and choose a password. 
* This information will be used to log in to your admin panel.

2. Get your chat

You are almost done. Now you are in the admin panel dashboard. 
Just choose your preferred embedding option:

  • Webpage embed – Add the chat as part of the page. You can control the size and dimension (see it on this page).
  • Floating embed – clicking on the checkbox floating, will let you add the chat as a floating toolbar chat
  • URL – Even if you do not own a website, you can still use RumbleTalk group chat, you simply get a link to your chat that can be shared with your team. Get your direct chat link (see it in here).
virtual events

  1. Go to the Embed section.
  2. Click on the Get Code button.
  3. Copy (Ctrl-C) the HTML-embedded code
  4. Paste (Ctrl-V) the code where you want RumbleTalk to appear on your HTML page.

NOTE: RumbleTalk live chat is elastic chat, meaning it will consume all of the space you allocate for it.

Here’s a guide you can refer to.

Congratulations, you are done!