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Can you pre-approve messages on the chat?

Yes, you can! RumbleTalk’s special chat feature, known as “moderated chat” (or a queued chat), enables chat administrators to approve or reject messages before they are posted in the chat room.

A moderated chat is an online discussion platform for events or meetings. There are admins and audiences in moderated chat discussions. In this setup, members’ comments or messages remain private until an administrator approves them for public viewing.

moderated q&a

There are two types of users on the moderated chat.

  1. Admin – The admin screens messages/questions. He/she also appoints a new admin to moderate the chat room. The admin can also be the expert or chat owner.
  2. Chatters – ask questions and read responses. In addition, they can send greetings/messages as long as it is approved by the admin.
  • Admin view: All admins will see all members’ messages. They can choose to delete or approve it.
  • User view: A non-admin user will not see any messages unless it has been approved by the admins.

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