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Can you pre-approve messages on the chat?

Yes, you can! With the moderated chat, the admin can approve or delete messages before it gets sent out in the chat room.

A moderated chat is an online chat for events with a speaker and group of audience, or a chat where there is a discussion happening. Comments or messages by members won’t be public unless an administrator approves it.

moderated q&a

There are two types of users on the moderated chat.

  1. Admin – The admin screens messages/questions. He/she also appoint a new admin to moderate the chat room. The admin can also be the expert or chat owner.
  2. Chatters – ask questions and read responses. In addition, they can send greetings/messages as long as it is approved by the admin.
  • Admin view: All admins will see all members’ messages. They can choose to delete or approve it.
  • User view: A non-admin user will not see any messages unless it has been approved by the admins.

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