Magento installation

First, Get your chat code

Enter your email & choose a password at Then click on the "Get Chat Code" and get the code for Joomla.

Second, Install the Module

Go to official Magento Connect to obtain extension code: RumbleTalk Chat - Magento Connect

Follow guide How to install Magento Extension Installation Guide

Configure the Module

Go to Administration, then to "System" -> "Configuration", you should see "RumbleTalk Chat" configuration tab there. click on "Configuration". Fill the form with RumbleTalk Chat code, optionally configuration also height and width of the chat window.

Inserting RumbleTalk Chat to Article or Block

Go to Administration, then to "CMS" -> "Pages" (or to "CMS" -> "Static blocks"), click on "Add new Page" (or "Add new Block"), or click on "Edit" link of any Page or Block.
Insert following code to content of Page or Block to display the chat on front-end.
{{block type="rumbletalk_chat/chat" name="rumbletalkchat"}}

Display Chat

If properly put into the content (for example Home page), it's should look approximately like this.

Trouble shooting

If you see "Access denied" on configuration page, logout and login back into administration. This is known bug in older Magento releases (1.4.x).
If you can't see the chat at all, try refresh cache ("Admin" -> "Cache Management"), and make sure you configured the module properly (especially the chatroom code).


Go to Downloader, and uninstall this module.

Manual Install

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Copy the app directory to magento root directory.
    If you can't see the configuration link and have cache enabled - flush it.