Get paid directly in
your group chat

Get a group chat and monetize it using a paid access (PayWall), payment request or a donation button.

  • Get paid for accessing the chat using a PayWall limited by time
  • Get paid for accessing the chat using a recurring subscription
  • Get paid for private one-on-one conversation
  • Get paid using a group donation button
Monetize your Group Chat via Paid Access

The Easiest Way to Get Paid for a Conversation

RumbleTalk allows chat owners like you to get paid by charging chatters for entering your chat

Get Your Own PayWall Chat, It's Free
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PayWall 1:

Pay Per TIME

Chatters Pay for LIMITED TIME

Give access for chatters for a limited time. You can set a price for a period of time in minutes, hours, days, and month intervals.

Subscription Access for your Group Chat

PayWall 2:


Chatters Pay a Recurring MEMBERSHIP Fee

Give full access to chatters as long as they continue to pay for your services. Give your subscribers a longer window of access.

  • 90%
    You Keep

  • 10%
    We Keep
70% Complete
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Payments made easy

  • We chase down declined payments
  • We shield you from charge-backs
  • We track chatters loyalty & value
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We're here to help

  • We handle your client's technical questions
  • We protect your copyrights
  • We catch fraud before it hits your balance

Who can find RumbleTalk Chat PayWall useful?

Paid Access for your Group Chat

Live events and niche communities

Get payment from customers for accessing your community chat through one-time or recurring subscription. Earn more by attracting new members!

Experts, Supporters, Influencers and Gurus

Get paid for your knowledge, personality, advice or simply for listening. Send private payment requests to your customers in a group chat or in a one-on-one conversation.

Non-profit organizations and altruistic activists

A great way to collect funds for your non-profit organization. It is a useful donation option for networks that unite people around altruistic ideas. We help you to make our world a better place together!

Frequently asked questions

Is the PayWall feature also available for free accounts?

You can also use it with the free account.

Note that, for a free chat, you can charge a maximum of $50 for login/subscription. We lift that paid access limit when you upgrade to a premium chat.

Is it working with PayPal?

Of course! Your clients can pay with PayPal for accessing the chat session.

Will it work for group chat and experts chat?

Yes, you can set a paid access option for logging into a group chat or a private one-on-one expert's chat.

How do I get paid?

Once you reach the minimum $50 release level, you will be entitled to withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account. It will be released at the end of that calendar year.

Note that money transfer is made twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments are considered approved to release after 14 days.

Can RumbleTalk PayWall chat be used in all type of sites?

The RumbleTalk group chat can be placed anywhere as long as it is not breaking any legal rules.

Note that a chat with payment options (e.g., when you are getting paid) is a special case and should meet the following terms.

You may not use the RumbleTalk PayWall feature for activities that violate any law or regulation including porn, adult content, promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance. A full list can be found in our terms and conditions.

RumbleTalk online group chat platform offers a free forever moderated group chat
and several paid plans with more features, and support.