Intext Keywords

Direct your chatters exactly where you want them.

RumbleTalk Keywords
Effortlessly harness the high amount of text written during a chat and point users to a specific destination

RumbleTalk Keywords (InTEXT) identify specific words and highlight them live, while chat is in the process (both private and group chat).

RumbleTalk InText then dynamically turns these words into links that allow you to associate any word with any webpage, online documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, videos, and affiliate links.

Whether the chat is on gadgets and you want your chatters to go directly to the seller’s commercial site, or whether it is consulting and you want to encourage them to open the advisor’s website, think of all the possibilities you can do with InText keywords!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get more keywords?

By default, you get one keyword for free. This is normally sufficient for pointing to your desired URL. You may purchase up to 100 keywords from the admin panel, keywords section. If you need more than 100, contact us.

Do keywords work in a private chat?

When you set a keyword and it is being used during a chat conversation, you will see an orange hyperlink instead of the actual word. This is the case for both group and private chats.

Will my keywords work in all my chat rooms?

Your purchased keywords are per account; they will work in all of your account chats.

Can I turn this feature off?

Yes, no problem. Simply go to the admin panel and turn it off.

Can a Keyword URL point to an affiliate link?

Yes. This is why InText is so powerful; you can direct your users to affiliate sites and monetize your chat.

Can I use a phrase instead of a single word?

Yes, you can use phrases as well.

Is there a frequency limit in which InText words are parsed?

Yes. In free accounts words are parsed every 3rd word, while in premium accounts, words are parsed every 2nd word.

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